Never Ignore Water Stains On The Ceiling. Do This Instead

Water stains typically mean that water is coming into your home through the roof so if you notice them on your ceiling, you need to take action fast! Typically brown in colour, these stains are more than just an eyesore. They can cause extensive damage to your home’s structure. Additionally, they can make your family sick by reducing in-home air quality.

Every second you wait to fix your leaky roof, you become more susceptible to damp, mould and other damage. So call professionals to repair your roof today! And while you’re at it, might as well invest in roof waterproofing to prevent future incidents. Here’s how a leaky roof can put your home at risk:

Your Ceiling Might Collapse and Your Roof Structure Will Become Weak

You’ll risk injuring yourself and everyone under your roof if your ceiling were to collapse. Add to that the damage that can be done to your furniture and you’ll be spending all your savings on replacement costs.

If your roof structure is damaged, your home will become receptive to rodents and birds. These pests can do a lot more damage than you can ever imagine. And in case you didn’t know, bird droppings are toxic to humans and pets.

Excessive Moisture Causes Damp and Mould

Often, people think of mould as merely a musty smell but they couldn’t be more wrong. Mould is harmful to humans, especially those with existing health conditions. Mould spores multiply very fast and you’ll have a much bigger problem on hands if you ignore water stains and other signs of water damage in your home.

Keep your family and your home safe by taking care of water damage fast and efficiently. And if you don’t want to deal with water damage ever again, make sure you waterproof your roof.

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How To Keep Your Home Damp And Mould Free This Winter

In a matter of weeks, winter will be here. During these colder months, your home is more susceptible to damp and mould, which can pose various types of health risks such as headaches, sinus infections, skin and eye irritations and respiratory problems. Below are some of our best tips to reduce the likelihood of mould affecting your home this winter.

Reduce Moisture in Your Home

Some fast and effective ways to reduce moisture in your home include hanging clothes outside to dry, using lids or extractor fan while cooking and opening a window after taking a shower or bath.

Allow for Air Movement

To reduce mould growth, pull furniture away from external walls and try to leave space between the wall and curtains during the day. Allow for ventilation in bathroom, kitchens and other spaces prone to damp.

Reduce the Number of Cold Surfaces

If you want to avoid damp buildup in winter, heat your home to a moderate level of warmth. Heating your entire home could be expensive so if you don’t want to break the budget, shut the doors of all unheated rooms.

Get Rid of Mould Before It Spreads

Condensation from windows and other areas should be wiped down every morning with a dry cloth. You can also open the window for a bit to allow air movement. If you notice mould spores, wipe it with a mild bleach solution. This needs to be done at least twice a month in winter.

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