4 Tips To Help You Hire A Reputable Damp Proofing Company

Damp proofing Pretoria

Damp isn’t limited to regions with excessive amounts of rainfall. It can be caused by building a house too quickly and not allowing for the water that is mixed in with the concrete to dry out completely before painting. Another cause is damaged roofs that allow for rainwater to flow into your home.

Whatever the reason for your damp, it is something that needs your attention right away since it won’t only cost you a lot of money when the mold growth starts to spread and damage even more of your home, but it can also be detrimental to your health.

Finding and hiring a reliable damp proofing contractor in Pretoria doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just make sure you follow these easy tips.

#1 Get several quotes
Getting just one quote is not the way to go. How will you know you’ve made the right decision if you have nothing to compare it with? Make sure you get at least three quotes. You can start with Hydrostop SA.

#2 Talk to their previous clients
You don’t have to phone each and every client they’ve done work for. Visit their facebook page. A quick google search will reveal if they have any complaints listed on sites like hellopeter.com. If all else fails, ask them for references.

#3 Ask for a written agreement
It’s one thing to have a verbal contract but when push comes to shove, it’s your word against theirs. Make sure you have everything in writing before you pay a deposit.

#4 Don’t choose the cheapest quote
Talking about paying…. We know that times are tough but hiring a damp proofing contractor just because you like the price isn’t wise. However, if they tick all the boxes and they still have the best price, you can rest assured that you did your homework thoroughly and chose the best option.

Don’t just settle for the first company who claims to be the market leader in damp proofing Pretoria and surrounds. Pick the one that will give you the best value for money.

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