Is Damp In Your Home Making You Sick?

Damp and mould are caused by condensation in your home. And while it’s quite a common occurrence in regions with high rainfall to have excess moisture in your home, it can also be caused by leaking pipes or damaged roofs and window frames that allow rain to seep in. Damp is not only unsightly and smelly, it can also have a serious impact on your health.

How does damp and mold affect your health?

The most common health-related issue caused by damp are respiratory problems such as difficulty breathing, constant coughing and even asthma. This isn’t just due to the moisture in the air but also the bacteria that seem to thrive in a damp environment.

Mold produces allergens, irritants and in many cases toxic matters. When you inhale or touch these mould spores, it may cause an allergic reaction such as red eyes, skin rash or sneezing. It can also cause or worsen asthma.

Who is affected?

While no one is immune to the effects damp and mould can have on your health, some people are more sensitive than others.

  • Infants
  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • People with existing skin problems (like eczema), respiratory problems and a weak immune system

These people should stay as far away from damp and mould as possible.

It is evident that a damp home is linked to all kinds of health-related issues. Fixing damp problems should be on top of your priority list and keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.

One of the most effective solutions is to consult with Hydrostop SA who have been damp proofing Pretoria and surrounds for many years. They have experience in isolating the damp source and suggest an effective, permanent solution that will protect the health of you and your family for many years to come.

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