5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Moisture in Your Home

If you don’t already know it, damp is a serious problem many homeowners face. Not only can it cause severe damage to your home’s structure, but it will also leave you with a musty atmosphere that can cause or worsen health problems.

While damp problems might originate at the time of construction – inadequate damp protection or none at all – many times it’s caused by excess moisture in your home.

The number of people living in your home can also affect how humid the air is. The breathing of one person produces around 60ml of water in an hour. And while there’s not much you can do about that, there are some things you can control so keep reading for some of our suggestions.

1. Make sure to open windows in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms or install vents.

2. Take cooler, shorter showers to prevent moisture buildup in your bathroom.

3. Use your kitchen canopy while cooking since stove-top cooking produces a lot of moisture. Keep lids on pots. Alternatively, use a slow cooker since they contribute less to indoor humidity.

4. Run the AC. Since this option is costly you can also use fans to increase ventilation.

5. Store freshly cut firewood outside since it contains large amounts of water that will evaporate if kept inside.

While prevention is better than cure, you might already have noticed signs of damp in your home. So if you’re wondering what to do about it, the answer is easy – call out a professional like HydroStop SA to damp proof your home before the problem escalates.

HydroStop SA is a reliable damp proofing specialist in Pretoria. We offer affordable rates and come highly recommended by our past clients. For a free inspection and quote, get in touch with the team today!

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