Damp Prevention: Protect Your Home The Easy Way

Damp is a serious problem that you simply can’t ignore. It’s vital to treat it as soon as you discover it. If not, you will jeopardise your health and wellbeing.

Preventing damp from occurring in the first place should be your number one goal. You can achieve this by improving ventilation throughout your home. Open doors and windows, even if just a little bit, after taking a hot bath or shower. Use your extractor fan while cooking and keep lids on pots. Dry your washing outside the house and wipe away any build-up of condensation.

Even if you haven’t discovered damp yet, you might want to consider damp proofing for preventative reasons. You know what they say: “Prevention is better than cure”.

What Causes Damp in Your Home?

There are various potential causes but some of the most common ones are leaking gutters, damaged roof tiles, poor or absent damp proofing.

Another form of damp is condensation. When warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface in your home, condensation forms. Any plumbing or building issues that allow moisture to seep into your property can lead to damp.

Benefits of Damp Proofing

  • It keeps your home in great shape
  • It keeps you and your loved ones healthy since mould growth can trigger respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis
  • It rids your home any residual moisture
  • Your paint and plaster will last much longer

Choosing Professionals for Your Damp Proofing Project

Damp proofing isn’t the type of project you can DIY. At least not if you want professional results. First, you’ll need to determine which type of damp you’re treating. Different types – lateral, rising or condensation – needs different treatments.

You can hire professional damp proofing specialists like the team here at Hydrostop to do an inspection, after which we’ll give you a free quote and treatment plan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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