4 Ways Mould Growth In Your Home Affects Your Health

Are you always coughing or prone to headaches? Perhaps you have a rash that simply won’t go away. Treating the symptoms won’t solve your condition but what if you don’t know what the origin of the problem is? Often people struggle with unexplained health conditions but the answer might be right under their noses.

Many homes in South Africa are contaminated with mould due to poor ventilation, lack of a proper damp proof course or a leak of some sort. Damp is the leading cause of mould growth. Cleaning black mould spores with Jik or other strong chemicals might ‘treat the symptoms’ but it doesn’t sort out the problem. To eliminate damp and mould, you need to damp proof your home. Here’s how mould in your home can harm your health.

Skin and Eye Irritations

You’ve seen one dermatologist after the other but no one can give you a remedy for that rash that simply won’t go away. And it won’t! Not as long as mould is present in your home. Mould irritates the skin and causes eczema and other skin conditions.

Wheezing and Coughing

Seasonal flu is normal but if you’re coughing day in and day out, something else is wrong. Look out for signs of mould in your home. Start by looking behind heavy furniture and in dark spaces in your home. If mould is present, you’ve found the source of your coughing.

Headaches and Dizziness

There are many reasons why people struggle with daily headaches such as chronic stress. But if your stress levels are low or you’re treating it in some way and you still have liberating headaches every day, you might want to inspect your home for mould.

Trouble Breathing

One of the biggest health issues people face when exposed to mould growth for long periods of time is respiratory problems such as asthma. Reduced lung function can eventually lead to death. Mould is especially dangerous to the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Damp proofing can eliminate the presence of mould in your home. Your health is important to us! For quality damp proofing Johannesburg, get in touch with Hydrostop today!

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