3 Reasons Why Roof Waterproofing Is An Excellent Idea

It’s summer in South Africa. And while most enjoy the heat and the rainy in Gauteng and surrounding provinces, it does come with its own set of challenges. Like thunderstorms and flooding, for example. It’s during that first rainstorm of the season you’ll find out if mother nature was kind to your roof in winter.

If your roof is treated with a waterproof layer, you’ll have nothing to worry about. If not, you might be facing severe water damage to your floors and furniture. Even the smallest roof leak can wreak havoc in your home. It might go undetected for years before, one day, you realise that your home is mould ridden.

Mould can be your worst enemy. Those black spores on your walls and floors are much more than just unsightly. Have you been coughing or wheezing a lot lately? Or perhaps it’s been going on for years and you simply can’t find the source of your “illness”.

Chances are if there’s mould in your home, you’ve found the cause of your unexplained symptoms. And, it doesn’t stop there. Headaches, dizziness, skin and eye irritations, breathing difficulties – these are all linked to mould.

Reasons to Waterproof Your Roof

Eradicate the Possibility of Damp and Mould Growth

Without damp, the chances of mould growth are slim. Roof waterproofing decreases the risk of damp by protecting your roof against the forces of nature.

Add Value to Your Property

Waterproofing your makes your property more valuable if you were to put it on the market. Potential buyers won’t have to invest in roof waterproofing, making your property a more attractive option.

Save Money on Future Roof Repairs and Replacements

The damage water can cause to your roof alone is astonishing! Roof trusses can rot and become more like a sponge. If this happens, be at risk of structural failure at any given time.

Don’t wait until you have a problem on your hands. Make sure you protect your home and your loved ones by investing in waterproofing. For quality and affordable waterproofing in Johannesburg, speak to the team at Hydrostop today!

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