3 Excellent Reasons To Invest In Roof Waterproofing Right Now

Many waterproofing specialists are insisting that property owners invest in roof waterproofing. But, is it really necessary? Right now, people are pinching pennies and spending a whole lot of money on something they might not even need sounds insane, right? Right, if you’re planning short-term. However, if you’re thinking long-term, it might be well worth the investment.

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the act of making something resistant to water to reduce the effect water has on it in terms of damage. When it comes to waterproofing your roof, you will reduce the likelihood of water damaging the inside of your property by eliminating its chances to actually entering in the first place.

Excess water can have various sources like damp buildup due to poor ventilation, rainwater leaking into the roof, absence or deterioration of a damp proofing course or a burst pipe. Below are three reasons why damp proofing should be high on your priority list if you own a property.

To Avoid Black Mould

Damp causes mould to run rampant in your home. Black mould is a sight for sore eyes and even worse, really bad for your health. It can worsen or even cause respiratory illnesses that can lead to lung failure if not treated properly.

You’ll Pay the Price in Repairs

You can’t even imagine the damage water is capable off and worse, the costs it will involve. Your problem might seem small right now but it can quickly escalate during the next storm. If you don’t want to spend copious amounts of money on roof repairs or replacing your furniture and floors, waterproofing your roof is the best solution.

Your Safety Could Be at Risk

By waterproofing your roof, you’re defending your home’s structural integrity. Not only does water cause damage to the interior of your home, but can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation in the form of cracks and cause roof trusses to rot. Roof replacements are expensive but that you already know!

Water is needed to stay alive but it can quickly become your worst nightmare considering the damage it’s capable of. Don’t take the risk if you could simply waterproof your Pretoria home at an affordable price. Get in touch with the team at HydroStop for a free quote today.


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