3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Damp

Are you struggling with damp in your home? Let’s face it, there’s nothing glamorous about brown water stains on walls or water damaged furniture and floors.

You need a permanent damp solution and fast! But before you start searching, here are some things you probably didn’t know about damp.

#1 There Are Different Types of Damp

While all damp types present in the same way, the origin and thus the treatment plan, might be different.

Rising damp: caused by the movement of groundwater up through the wall due to deteriorated or lack of damp proof course.

Penetrating damp: Typically caused by porous walls or ageing bricks which, in turn, lose their ability to keep out the rain.

Condensation: Condensation occurs when warm air gets in contact with cold surfaces, or when there’s excess moisture inside the house.

#2 Damp Can Affect Your Health

Damp is the primary cause of mould growth in any home. And mould can wreak havoc with your health, especially if you’re already suffering from a respiratory illness such as asthma.

Common symptoms of mould-related health issues include eye irritations, skin irritations, wheezing, runny or blocked nose, headaches, unexplained aches and pains, dry cough and a sore throat.

Prolonged exposure could be fatal to patients with already weakened immune systems like HIV patients, cancer patients, transplant patients, people with lung disease and the elderly.

#3 You Need a Damp Expert to Eradicate Damp Completely

Getting rid of damp for good can be challenging which is why it is advisable to hire a professional for the task. Sure, DIY damp proofing might seem feasible but you have no guarantee that the problem won’t persist after spending your hard-earned money on DIY damp treatment.

Damp will come back if not properly treated. Don’t take the risk. Get in touch with professionals like HydroStop and have peace of mind that your damp problem is sorted for good! For more information about damp proofing in Johannesburg or a free quote, give us a call right now.


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