How to Get Rid of Damp Fast

Damp may come in different forms, but the result is the same — water damage. As a homeowner, it can be challenging to get rid of damp for good and the costs will keep on adding up while you try.

There are four types of damp: rising damp, penetrating damp, lateral damp and condensation. Your treatment plan will depend on the type of damp you are dealing with.

Do you have unexplained brown or yellow stains on walls? Is your paint or wallpaper peeling? How about white salt stains on exterior walls? Or perhaps you have noticed mould spores on the walls or furniture. If you think a fresh coat of paint will do the job to cover up these signs, you could not be more wrong. Before you know it, they will be visible again.

Fast and Effective Damp Proofing Johannesburg

Damp proofing by professionals is the fastest method to eliminate damp problems fast and for good. Successful damp proofing demands a complicated procedure of hole drilling and applying a damp proof course treatment which requires special skills and knowledge only professionals possess.

If you think damp proofing is overpriced, just think about the damage damp can cause. And, when you hire reputable damp proofing specialists like HydroStop SA, you can rest assured that our prices are market-related. Not only will you get great value for money, but you will also be treated like royalty.

If you are looking for damp proofing contractors in Johannesburg or Pretoria, we can assist. With experience in all damp types and hundreds of satisfied customers on our books, you are in good hands. Don’t let damp ruin your life and your home. Let us help you get rid of your damp problem fast and for good. For more information about our damp proofing services or to request a free quote, give us a call today!

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