This Is How Damp Affects Your Health

If you have damp in your home, you know that it is unsightly, to say the least. While damp itself does not affect your health, it is the effects of damp that are harmful. Mould is directly caused by damp and can be extremely dangerous to your health.

You may notice persistent skin or eye irritations or allergic reactions at first, but these less severe issues can quickly turn into more serious ones like respiratory illness and asthma. If you choose to look the other way and ignore your damp problem, it will cost you thousands of rands to finally fix it, and your health could suffer because of it.

Why is Mould Harmful?

We have already established that mould growth is due to damp and that mould presents a danger to your health. But why? In short, the toxic spores that mould releases into the air. In some cases, it can even be lethal, especially if you have an elderly person, small children or immune-compromised people living in your home.

Effects of Sleeping in a Mould Invested Room

We spend at least 7 to 8 hours sleeping, which means we are more exposed to mould, making it worse for your health than, for example, taking a quick shower in a mouldy bathroom. According to studies, the likelihood of a child developing asthma is much higher if there is mould present in their bedroom.

Getting Rid of Damp the Right Way

There are several types of damp: penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation. The treatment course will depend on which type of damp you are faced with. The best way to handle damp is to get in touch with damp professionals who can do a quick survey to determine the type of damp and the most effective treatment plan.

Ventilation will nearly always be recommended after completion of the treatment to lower the risk of future damp and mould growth. Get in touch with damp proofing experts in your area for more information or to request a free quote. Call HydroStop SA today!

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