5 Signs You Might Have Damp In Your Home

In case you don’t know it yet, damp is caused by excess moisture inside your home. There are different types of damp such as rising damp, lateral damp and penetrating damp.

Why is damp bad?

Damp causes mould growth which can be potentially life-threatening for young children, old people and people with lung conditions. Additionally, it will cause the paint on your walls to peel and sometimes even cause damage to the structure of your home, which will cost you lots of money to repair. Not even talking about the risk of injury when structures collapse. Below are some telltale signs that your home is infected with damp.

Excessive Condensation

This means that there is too much water vapour in the home. The moisture comes from somewhere, which might indicate poor ventilation or a damp issue.

Paint and Wallpaper Damage

Damp will cause your interior paint to bubble or peel. If you have wallpaper, it can cause stains or discolouration.

Salt Stains on Outside Walls

Have you ever noticed a white powdery substance on your external walls? This is one of the many signs that you have a damp problem at hand.

Musty, Damp Smell

A constant musty smell in your home indicates a damp problem. Sometimes the issue can be so advanced you might even notice black mould spores on your walls.

Damaged Skirting Boards

Your skirting boards might be damaged or rotting, and the nails might even rust.

How do you get rid of damp?

To get rid of damp in your home, you need to first call in professionals to get the situation under control. Hydrostop offers specialised damp proofing and waterproofing in Pretoria. Our services are reliable and affordable.

Other precautions include:

  • Improve poor ventilation
  • Use of a dehumidifier to reduce excess moisture
  • Cover pots while cooking
  • Limit the use of a tumble drier inside your home