Damp proofing Your Home Is One Of The Most Critical Things You Can Do. Here’s why

A home that is susceptible to constant dampness needs to be damp-proofed. The foundation of your home starts deteriorating at a rapid rate when moisture enters it. Excess moisture in your home can also cause mould growth and mite infestations, which can compromise your family’s health. The most effective solution is to damp-proof it, so it is free of moisture.

There Are Many Advantages to Damp-Proofing Your Home

  • You can count on it to keep your home in good condition inside and out
  • Your family will be healthier. (Mildew and bacteria can trigger respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma.
  • The residual moisture that has accumulated over the years is removed.
  • You will be able to extend the life of your plaster and paint

How to Protect Your Home Against Damp

  • During this process, the plaster on your affected wall is stripped away
  • Holes are drilled at the base of every level of your home
  • The holes are injected with a chemical and allowed to absorb it for some time
  • To ensure the chemicals stay put inside the holes, plaster is used to fill the holes
  • The walls are replastered and once they have been allowed to dry, they are then repainted.

Dampproofing vs Waterproofing: What’s the Difference?

Essentially, waterproofing keeps liquid and vapour out, while dampproofing keeps soil moisture out.

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